Sources: LWVUS “Impact on Issues” and LWVOR “Issues for Action”

The National League of Women Voters (LWVUS) position titled “Meeting Basic Human Needs” supports equal opportunity for employment and housing as well as policies that provide transportation and other support services. The position states that “energy-efficient and environmentally sound transportation systems afford better access to housing and jobs.” LWVUS has used this position since 1972 to support financing some of the costs of urban mass transit from the Highway Trust Fund. The LWVUS Air Quality position supports measures to reduce vehicular pollution and to develop alternate transportation systems. The League’s positions on natural resources and climate change contain language supporting pollution control, energy conservation, and resource management.

The Oregon League (LWVOR) air quality position supports pollution abatement and education programs. The position supports shared responsibility for air pollution abatement practices and states that individuals should be willing to accept restrictions on their own activities with respect to automobile use. The LWVOR position on energy conservation includes support for efficient methods of energy use. The LWVOR land use position supports the 19 statewide planning goals, of which Goal 12 is: To provide and encourage a safe, convenient and economic transportation system. This goal requires local and regional transportation plans that avoid principal reliance on any one mode; conserve energy; and meet needs of the transportation disadvantaged. The LWVOR land use position also supports recognition of the interdependence of land use, transportation, and environmental quality in local comprehensive plans.

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